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Joseph and Kris

Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing

Exploring the Healing Power of Art and Creativity

by Joseph Woods and Kris Thoeni

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Joseph and Kris create beautiful whimsical silk paintings together. These images are intended to touch your heart, make you smile, maybe even uplift your spirit a bit. Joseph and Kris believe there is goodness in this world, and by focusing on that goodness: the goodness in people, the beauty of nature that surrounds us, simple acts of kindness can make this world a better place.

Joseph and Kris create art inspired by spirit, created with love, and intended to touch your soul. They work together within sacred space to create beautiful whimsical images on silk. Sometimes they work side by side. Other times one of them will begin an image and the other one will complete it.

Each piece is collaboration – the finished piece being better than either one of them could create alone. As Joseph and Kris create, their intention is to align with universal truth and knowledge and allow the energy of spirit to work through them. Each piece of art is imbued with the healing energy of love. Through the creative process, and life, their intention is to dream and inspire a better future for all.

Joseph and Kris invite you to visit their Gallery of Silk Image . Please give yourself permission to let the images speak to the deepest part of you. Maybe a piece will call to you.

Joseph and Kris each have a body of work created individually. To visit Kris Thoeni Designs ETSY on line store, please visit

"Creating is a healing process for me. It centers me and makes me feel alive. When I create, I enter that timeless place where everything stands still and all things are possible. I start by creating a sacred space to work within. I quiet my mind the best I can and I listen to what is calling to me, such as a feeling, a shape, a color. Once the brush touches the fabric it is as if something else takes over and the image comes through me rather than from me." Kris Thoeni Designs ETSY on line store, please visit

As you navigate our website, our intention is to share our heart energy with you. With blessings, Joseph and Kris 

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