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Joseph and Kris

Art as Vision - A Tool for Transformation and Healing

Joseph Woods

is a visionary artist and crafts person, soul traveler and intuitive coach. As a spiritual impressionist, Joseph allows Spirit to flow through him onto his canvas and creations.

Joseph attended the University of Houston on a full art scholarship after winning a tri-state design contest.

He teaches and inspires through the his stories of personal experiences of higher dimensions and nature spirits (Green Man). Joseph has been in contact with his spirit guides and angels since he was a child.

A near death experience in Vietnam inspired him to seek a meaningful life by following a path to Spirit through meditation. His thirty years of a twice daily practice of mediation allows Joseph to access a multidimensional Universe in order to assist others in their personal growth and expansion of consciousness.

Joseph shares his insights through intuitive coaching, personal energy drawings and workshops with his life partner Kris Thoeni. Contact Joseph to schedule a one on one session or have Joseph create a sacred art object made personally for you!

Kris Thoeni artist, teacher, healer

Kris Thoeni was born and raised near the ocean in southern California. In 1998, Kris moved to mountains of Tijeras, New Mexico.

Kris is a mixed media artist. Her current work is painting on silk. Her work expresses her love of nature, textures, colors and patterns. Her creations range from simple to complex, primitive to elegant, bridging worlds of paradox.

After a serious car accident in 1988 Kris was unable to return to her corporate job. Her healing journey took her inward reclaiming her intuition and creativity.

For over 25 years Kris has been selling her artwork and teaching creative expression retreats for individuals, groups, and corporations exploring the healing power of art.

Kris also collaborates with her partner Joseph Woods. In 2012, Kris and Joseph Woods were commissioned to create seven 36” x 36” silk paintings for the new Children’s Hospital in El Paso Texas. Kris was also commissioned to create 5 gourd montages.

Please contact Kris for more information or to schedule a private session.

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